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Cynthia De Carlo photo by Michael Weschler

"A plan for living– that's what I provide for each of my clients. I work to delight and surprise them with a lively mix of furniture, luxe fabrics, striking finishes and artwork everywhere. My aim is to go beyond the client's personal dream."

Every so often I’d like to write and share my thoughts on what makes interior design exciting and how you can infuse some fresh looks into your environment.


Start with scale. If your ceilings are not soaring your curtains can do wonders. Hang simple panels in a silk stripe at the ceiling line. You’re letting in the light and framing the view.

Wall finishes. Try using a more reflective finish such as satin vs. flat. The color will be more lively and at night the light will create more depth and pattern.

Color. Use contrast. It creates both harmony and interest. In an entrance hall against peacock blue walls a pair of porcelain lamps in a gorgeous tangerine color will be dramatic and new.

Accessories. Pair down and scale up. A sure way to freshen up is to replace dated pillows with modern geometric patterns in a larger scale. Or introduce leather in one of the new unexpected colors on an ottoman or side chairs.

"Color is my trademark and infuses all my interiors. It brings joy to the living experience."


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